Individual Psychological Counseling

Based on the Individual Psychology of 
Alfred Adler

  • With which part of your life are you struggling?
  • What would you like to change?
  • How long have you been coping with these issues?

Individual Psychology, by Alfred Adler, is a depth psychology, in which the person is perceived as a holistic and purposeful individual whose personality is expressed through their social relationships with family, friends and colleagues. The methods of counseling are encouraging, system- and solution-oriented by acknowledging the individual’s strengths and strategies. Through these methods the client can quickly learn how to build on personal resources and use them for personal growth.

My life experience, combined with my education as an Individual Psychological counselor, has helped me to understand clients’ goal directed behavior. Many times, clients are not aware of these unconscious goals. It is important to question which goal one would like to achieve and which behavior patterns one habitually follows. These together form what Alfred Adler calls our 'lifestyle' which develops in the first years of a person´s life. 

If you seek a process of change, in whatever area, it is important to discover both your personal goals as well as your unconscious attitudes - obstacles that can stand in your way. 

Personally, I always find it a brave act to ask for help or support when you are feeling confused about life. This decision itself is a first step towards positive change, taking life into your own hands to alter and shape the future. You are the only one who can truly make an impact on your own life.

Focus areas

Focus areas of counseling


  • Starting anew in Switzerland
  • Family and career changes

Educational Guidance
From newborns to teenagers

Problems with parents, teachers, friends and colleagues

Communication skills
Who hears what, how and why?

Dealing with Grief

In my life, I´ve already faced many changes. Often, I did not know how to cope with certain challenges and how to find the way to personal growth. These experiences triggered occasional feelings of confusion and powerlessness. The knowledge I have acquired through Individual Psychology has given me the courage to face changes, acknowledge my thoughts and emotional reactions, and find new and creative solutions. 

Feelings of confusion and hopelessness can develop at any age and stage in our lives. That's why I offer my counseling services to people of all ages who experience difficulties in finding their way in life.

I would be happy to support you during this challenging time and to welcome you in my counseling practice. 

Counseling Practice


  • I offer counseling after individual arrangement of appointments.
  • The counseling takes place in a safe, and respectful atmosphere.
  • A counseling session lasts 50 minutes.
  • The fee for one session is 130.- CHF.
  • The number of sessions will vary depending on your individual needs. The goals and timeline will be mutually agreed upon. 

Focus areas About me

About me

It has always been a personal wish to serve people: support and advise them in difficult life situations. Therefore, I decided, 11 years ago, to enroll in the Academy for Individual Psychology, which I completed successfully. I continued further studies in various fields such as developmental psychology, educational counseling, and grief counseling, and I would like to use my training and experience to assist people in transition.

I am a native German, born in the beautiful Rhineland city Dusseldorf and I moved to Switzerland 24 years ago together with my husband. Our two sons, born in 1996 and 1998 in Winterthur, grew up in Zurich.

The move to Switzerland was a big challenge for me in this stage of life. Many things were new and unknown. My training and my experiences have taught me that it is productive to encourage people to take their lives into their own hands and to shape the future as they like.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my practice.

  • Qualified Psychological Counseler, AFI

  • Continuing Developmental Psychology

  •  STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting),
     0 – 6 years, 6 – 12 years, teenager

Further education
  • Early Recollections (a second look, part 1 and 2)

  • Swiss Society for Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler (SGIPA)

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